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F%2Fm Caning Whipping – Red Ass

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Bad Girls Punished is a great place to see bare ass spanking videos and some photos, too. This site updates weekly although during certain periods the updates go to bi-weekly instead. For the most part, you`ll be getting 4 updates a month with asses spanked. Whether it`s bare handed or with a paddle or whip of some sort, it always hurts and it`s all caught on video. What more could you want from your ass spanking experience? All exclusive British spanking videos right here! Bad Girls Punished is a great little place on the web. As soon as you pay for your membership, you can navigate into the small community they have going behind closed doors. Within the members area, you`re invited to sort through the content in a variety of ways, download or stream it with even more options there, and then comment on it. You can write whatever you want about a scene and it`ll get published and you can also give it a rating up to five stars. With this community feeling, the owners of the site are always striving to give you exactly what you want. There are even polls that ask your opinions about a variety of spanking matters. These guys want to know just what you like. The content is mostly video based although there are some enjoyable photosets as well. Video clips feature spanking and only that – you won`t get any hardcore sex at this site. The girls vary in age, body type, race, attitude… everything! There`s really no stereotypical girl in these videos that goes in for a spanking. It`s always different, and most importantly, always brutal. Download speeds are ridiculously fast so you won`t have to wait at all for your spanking videos. Photos can be viewed in a slideshow or downloaded as a zip. Either way, all the unlimited British spanking content is right at your fingertips. With weekly updates and a great little archive, Bad Girls Punished is an excellent spanking site that`s alive and kicking. Here you`ll see mostly guy on girl spankings but there are a couple twists along the way. Girl on girl spanking does make an appearance and is always a pleasure. Guys go on and spank their naughty wives, misbehaving school girls, and kinky bitches that ask for more. These spanking videos are varied but always feature a red ass in the end… sometimes it`s even purple! All the proper provisions are used to make these spanking hurt. These women will never forget the punishment they received from the guys at

Crack! That`s the sound of a bad lil babe getting her butt spanked!

These girls are naughty and need to be disciplined! Spanking is an interesting niche that`s filled with a lot of emotions. Whether it`s the control or the pain or just the bare red asses, there`s something about spanking that men and women alike are drawn to. In fact, spanking is probably one of the least taboo of all the kinky porn out there. Everyone has been spanked without recoiling in disgust or hatred and many people discover that they like the feeling. Do you like to be spanked? Do you want to do the spanking? Bad Girls Punished is the place for you. Don`t hesitate to join as those asses are already welted and we all want you to see them for yourself.

The New Site: Freak Spankings

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Red Ass
mm F%2Fm Caning Whipping   Red AssGuy gets ass reddened by co-students
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F%2Fm Caning Whipping – Valentines Orange Jumpsuit

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

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Site of the Day: Hit My Bum

fc6081f6513f F%2Fm Caning Whipping   Valentines Orange Jumpsuit


Valentine is caught out of uniform and called into the headmistress office for a thorough whipping. Valentine lowers her orange jumpsuit, has her hands chained, and prepares for her lashing. She cries out in a mix of pleasure and pain as the headmistress uses the whip to turn Valentines back a rosy pink. Valentine puts her jump suit back on and moans in pain from her stern lashing session.

trailerfhg F%2Fm Caning Whipping   Valentines Orange Jumpsuit

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Watch real females accepted into a secret BDSM-practicing club! Their backs and bums get sore from the whip, but they had to pour their kinky souls out. Don`t miss the 100% realistic spanking club footage! Why watch actors pretending they are into BDSM when you can witness real kinky females getting something they had been longing for? Explore the video archives of an actual club where girls with a submissive need get accepted only if they handle the painful initiation procedure. 100% real flagellation films, punishments, humiliation, and more! Feed your passion for the real thing with our insane video collection shot by members of a secret club. Not a single groan of pain is faked here! Fantasies of regular people are far more perverse than anything porn producers can invent. For the real SM thrill, explore where eager females get the spanking they have been dreaming of throughout their entire lives. A girl has to earn this SM club membership with her sore buttocks and more.

Girls with a need for a crop tell their story and get spanked in a secret club!

Unexampled spanking videos shot in an actually existing SM club!

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