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Men Are Spanked Here

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2226ab7f709b Men Are Spanked Here   Pretty in Pink


men are spanked here

56087dece095 Men Are Spanked Here   Pretty in Pink

men are spanked here

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Shelia is a girly maid who loves to wear a pink apron while she cleans the headmasters house. The headmaster has told Shelia he hates the color pink and decides to punish her for disobeying him. He grabs her by the arm, throws her over his knee and proceeds to spank her lovely behind. The headmaster then pulls up her skirt, takes off her panties and uses his firm hand to turn her ass a rosy pink. Shelia kicks and screams as she receives her ATK spanking and will think twice before wearing her pink apron to work.

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Sarah has been telling her mother that she is a waitress, until one day, one of her mom s co-workers recognizes the photo on her desk as Trixie the stripper. When Sarah s mom confronts her about this she continues to lie right to her face. Eventually when the truth comes out, she is in for one of the hardest hand and hairbrush spankings ever that brings REAL tears to her eyes. Amelia Jane has been cast as the leading role, Kate, in her school s musical production of Kiss Me Kate. Her boyfriend, John, is playing opposite of her in the show, He keeps threatening her that on opening night he is going to give her a REAL spanking in the scene where she gets spanked. Amelia is so nervous, She asks her roommate Sarah what it will be like and Sarah offers to show her. Amelia didn t know what she was in for, and that was a very sore red spanked bottom. I think she will be ready for opening night now. Sarah s strict girlfriend, Sinn Sage, is very angry when she catches Sarah cheating. Sinn makes Sarah strip down and get across her lap for a hard bare bottom spanking with hand, strap, and leather paddle in more than one sexy position. Miss Gregory is the executor of Pandora and Amelia s trust left to them by their grandfather. When these two stuck up and sassy girls come to pick up their first checks, they were not expecting there to be a clause that said they had to be spanked each and every time they came to collect a check. Grandpa had watched these two girls grow into stuck up, self-centered, materialistic upper east side girls and he wanted their attitudes to stop. Kyle s Girlfriend Sarah decides to dress in slutty lingerie when Kyle s friends are coming over, to show off her goods in front of them! Kyle asks her politely multiple times to get dressed, and she refuses and throws a tantrum. Kyle finally has enough and decides to take his beautiful bratty girlfriend over his knee for a long hard spanking over her sheer lingerie before pulling the bottoms down for a long hard BARE bottom spanking! Sarah and Julianne are in a relationship. Sarah is into spanking so Julianne being new to spanking, asks her girlfriend, Sarah to give her her first spanking. Let s just say that after a long naked bare bottom hand spanking over Sarah s lap, leather paddling, and sensual flogging, Julianne now has a new appreciation for spanking. Ashley and her girlfriend Sarah are having a private and sexy evening in until Sarah notices that they are being streamed live from Ashley s laptop. No way is Sarah okay with her sex life being put out for others to watch. She takes her girlfriend over the knee for some hard bare bottom spanking to teach her how to respect someone s privacy. Dani Hunt, a beautiful British spanking model is staying with Sarah Gregory. Sarah allows Dani to stay in her room, but Dani doesn t seem to respect the space. Sarah finds it a complete mess. Her suitcase has exploded and there are spanking implements and clothing all over the floor. Sarah decides to use some of the implements to teach Dani a lesson in being a respectful house guest. Leila comes to see Sarah for an emotional release spanking. She wants a pleasurable and somewhat painful spanking at the same time. Sarah warms her up otk first and then ties her to the bed for some strapping, caning, paddling, and cropping. Leila moans in pleasure and pain as she receives her spanking. Paul wants a little fun so he orders a stripper to his hotel room. Sexy Briella shows up ready to give him the lap-dance of a lifetime. While she is showing him her moves, he asks her if he can spank her and she agrees. She full-fills his fantasy role play of a daddy spanking his naughty daughter for being a stripper and she quite enjoys it. Sarah is sitting on the couch when Galas comes home from work. Galas tells her it was a pain in the ass then hurries off to get a shower. Sarah goes to ask her what she would like for dinner and sees a red ass. Apparently Galas had stopped by her ex-girlfriend s house for a spanking on her way home from work. Sarah is not happy. She grabs Galas by the hand and throws her otk for a hard long fully nude spanking on her already red and spanked bottom. Sarah has been grounded. When Daddy comes home from work early, he is not happy to find his grounded daughter out in the pool. He drags her into the house and gives her a hard bare bottom spanking on her wet bottom. Sarah Gregory is waiting for her friend in a suite party at a spanking party when this creepy guy is just staring at her. He finally musters up the courage to ask her to play. He is being super annoying and rubs her bottom when she said not to, he spanks too soft, then too hard and then criticizes her. He says, how come you aren t making the faces you make in your videos, you know, the Sarah face ? After she gives him what he wants, she gets up to leave, but he obviously is STILL not satisfied… While visiting her strict Aunt Dana, Sarah is a very naughty niece. All of her infractions earn her hard bare bottom spankings. Sarah and her two friends get spanked by daddy while on vacation in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. Little did they know that Sarah s daddy would find trace them there when they went missing. Mommy is not happy to get a call from the ER that her precious little girl has had a close call. She is scared to death and loves Sarah very much so she spanks her for scaring her and then holds her and tells her how much she cares about her and how she needs to come and talk to her next time she is feeling that depressed.

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